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Simplified King James New Testament

Simplified King James New Testament

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The Simplified New Testament originated through years of study and a firm determination to produce an accurate translation of the New Testament that was exegetically sound and easy to read. Our goal for the Simplified New Testament is for Christians to be encouraged to read the New Testament with as little difficulty as possible; recognizing that discipleship cannot occur without an understanding of the biblical instruction that is written in the New Testament. This instruction was given for our admonition and spiritual growth. This translation provides the student of the Scriptures with an uncomplicated reading experience that is relative to our modern culture, and that also interprets much of the idiomatic structure found in the original Greek of the New Testament. The Simplified New Testament was the result of this endeavor. We started with the King James New Testament (used by permission from and simplified it by first "de-victorianizing" it. We then continued the process by rearranging the sentence structures to make them easier to read. We were determined to keep the contextual integrity of the New Testament intact. It is with a devoted heart to our Lord Jesus Christ that this venture came into being. We took the utmost care in the translation, dedicating ourselves to accuracy in choosing the best expressions in order to bring out the fullness of the Scriptural revelation. We entrust this New Testament to those disciples who long for a deeper and more meaningful relationship with Father God, His Son Jesus Christ, and who walk with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We pray that you will develop a greater understanding of God’s Word and that the Lord’s presence will enrich your faithful walk, as well as satisfy your soul. I would like to thank my son, S. David Ross, for his countless hours in “de-victorianizing” the text for me. His editing has been exemplary and his dedication relentless.

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