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Spiritual Teachings of Father Sebastian Bowden of the London Oratory

Spiritual Teachings of Father Sebastian Bowden of the London Oratory

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  • ISBN-13: 9781518627583
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Release Date: Oct 15, 2015
  • Pages: 164 pages
  • Dimensions: 0.37 x 9.0 x 6.0 inches


THIS small volume of Father Sebastian Bowden's Spiritual Teachings is published partly as a tribute to his memory from those who revered and loved him, and partly in the hope of keeping that memory alive in men's thoughts-in these days of quick forgetfulness-longer than it might otherwise be kept. The "Counsels and Dissertations" which form the greater portion of the volume are taken from notes, kept for many years by people who had the privilege of the well-known Oratorian's spiritual guidance. They consist of personal counsels given, answers to questions asked, or opinions on various subjects drawn forth in conversation, and are here produced just as they were written down :-i.e., in his own words. The contributors of these notes hope that they rna y serve a three-fold purpose -that of showing forth something of Father Sebastian's own inner life; that of being a welcome possession, and reminder of his teaching, to his many old friends, penitents, and converts in various parts of the world; and that of affording some real spiritual help to others who, having been strangers to him personally, may come across the book and use it. In these days of sadness from irreparable losses, and of conditions all around us engendering difficulties and depression, his wise and strong lessons on the true way of meeting and using every kind of suffering should surely prove peculiarly valuable. The detached form in which these notes are published, as separate paragraphs, is unavoidable from their nature. A little sequence has been observed by putting together such as refer to special seasons, etc.; but there were very few that could be thus classified, and it has therefore been necessary to leave quite the larger number under the broad heading of "Miscellaneous Subjects." Perhaps the kind of unexpectedness in the utterances sometimes produced by this arrangenlent, from their not being connected with each other, may add to their interest by causing variety, and so avoiding the monotony apt to be felt in reading a series of spiritual maxims. The short notes of Hospital Addresses will perhaps be of interest chiefly to those to whom they were originally given. Some account of the Society which they concern has been prefixed to them, for the benefit of the general reader. As regards the Letters which form the concluding part of the volume, the editors much regret that so few have been procurable; but, few and short as they are-in some cases, even, only a line or two-they are here included as being very characteristic of the writer, and as giving expression to some sides of his thought and teaching not brought out in the "Counsels," or Addresses.

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