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The Bible as a Manual for Identity Theft

The Bible as a Manual for Identity Theft

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The motivation for this book is that while writing two books on identity theft, I was struck by how some of the modern-day scams had counterparts in the Bible. A re-reading of the Bible reinforced this impression. The original intention was to write three, or perhaps four, books, examining cases of identity theft in the Old testament, New Testament, the Apocrypha, and, eventually, the Qu’ran. After finishing the analysis of the King James Bible (the primary biblical text used herein), and seeing how much of the material that was necessary to include in this book required, it was decided to combine the first three books into one and to leave the analysis of the Qu’ran to an author more versed in its content. Several public domain online versions of bibles were used in this work. All can be found at either or The primary versions used were The King James Bible, The Douay Rheims Catholic Bible, and The Deuterocanonical Books of the Bible. The biblical text has not been changed from the versions found, but has been reformatted to meet the requirements of modern eBook readers. In this book we will present the stories in the Bible that, at least in my opinion, can be considered by a modern reader to involve some form of the crime of identity theft. I invite you, the readers, to comment on my selections in their reviews of this book. No allegorical stories have been included in this book.

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