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Thuggin' At The Altar

Thuggin' At The Altar

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What do you do when your flesh is a part of the streets but your heart is in the church? Gavon Cunningham aka Gee has been raised by his grandmother ever since his father Alvin, was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of his mother. As much praying as Mama Jean constantly does for Gavon, he never seemed to understand why he was so drawn to the street life. Gavon’s only dream was to get enough money in order to move his grandmother and girl out of the hood. Chardonnay is Gee's money hungry and ghetto fabulous girlfriend. Love and loyalty to her man is non existent when it comes to anyone other than herself. When she finds out that Gavon wasn’t bringing in any real money, she links up with someone else to plan Gavon's demise. What Chardonnay didn’t expect was for the hand of God to still be on his life while he lived this so called street life. Enter Gavon's "ram in the bush" Chasiti. The strong, independent, young woman that loves herself enough to know that she won't settle for just any old man, but a Godly man. But there is something that Chasiti sees in Gavon and it makes her want him even more. Will she be the breath of fresh air that Gavon needs in order to see the real purpose for his life or will Chardonnay's plan succeed? All Alvin wants is a chance to see his only son but even after all of these years Gavon still wants nothing to do with his father. The hate he has is so deep for the man who created him, that it's enough to cause Alvin to want to end life as he knows it. Will the prayers of his loving grandmother be heard and will he forgive his father after all? What do you do when the streets keep sucking you in but someone is steady trying to pray you out? No one can serve two masters, either he will love one and hate the other. Which one will Gavon choose and will it be too late?

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