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Two Years in the Pontifical Zouaves: A Narrative of Travel, Residence, and Experience in the Roman States

Two Years in the Pontifical Zouaves: A Narrative of Travel, Residence, and Experience in the Roman States

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  • ISBN-13: 9781502792396
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Release Date: Oct 11, 2014
  • Pages: 316 pages
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THESE pages are principally the 'work of an old Zouave, and are founded on letters and notes written in Rome and the Pontifical States. These suggested to me the idea which has resulted in the present book; at the same time I am greatly indebted to W. C. Robinson, Esq., Z.P., both for the stimulus he has given me to carry out my idea, and for the valuable and interesting matter he has generously sent me, and which I have used i~ these pages, on "Life in Detachment at Bolsena," "Visit to Subiaco," "Siege of Rome," and the following chapter. I am also much indebted to Captain De la Hoyde, for his kindness in furnishing me with notes on the early history of the Corps, and the later events in connection with it. N ext, I must acknowledge my obligations to the 'Tablet' for much valuable information on the events and victories of 1867, related in the first four chapters. Again, "Rome, its Churches," by Rev. W. H. Neligan, M.A., has been largely quoted in reference to the churches and monuments mentioned. Some other works made use of will be mentioned in notes. I am indebted to "Personal Recollections of Rome," by W. J. Jacob, Esq., Z.P., for a description of the opening of the Vatican Council, and to some other kind friends for assistance. The title has been chosen as the most appropriate to the idea which originated the work, and because I belonged for two years to the Corps; but the period of the principal events related extends over upwards of three years. Although the principal part of the book will be found to refer to the Zouaves, yet many subjects incidental to this Corps, and to a residence in Rome and the Roman States, have been introduced. As the work may be considered one of travel and experience related in letters and notes, it is necessarily somewhat fragmentary in its character; but this feature will, I hope, meet with indulgence at the hands of its readers, who may be asked to pardon the faults of a novice, now appearing in print for the first time. Much care has been taken to compare dates, narratives, and statements of fact, and I trust that those given will be found generally correct. The miles spoken of are Roman-a Roman mile consists of 1000 paces, or 1611 English yards-thus twelve Roman miles are nearly equal to eleven English. To the Corps to which I had the honour to belong, I beg to submit this work, hoping that it will meet with approval at the hands of my comrades in arms, and that the recital of some of the heroic deeds which have so much adorned the history of the Zouaves, may not be unacceptable to the general body, and particularly to its English and Irish members. The many friends and well-wishers of the Corps will, I hope, feel an interest in the details here submitted to them. To the general public I hope that the work may prove to be interesting, first, because the subject of the Pontifical Zouaves lays claim to a general interest on account of the courage and heroism they have displayed, not only in the Roman States, but also during the late disastrous war in France, where they have singularly proved their real discipline and organisation. Secondly, because the variety of subjects introduced may have an interest for many classes of readers.

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