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David Butler

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David Butler
I, David Butler, grew up in a small farm town in Iowa. Growing up I was very much against drugs. My addiction started out with alcohol. My second year of college is when I tried marijuana and was instantly addicted. Not understanding addiction I tried other drugs.
There was a history of alcoholism in my family. Born in 1965 and growing up in the seventies, it was a time where people didn’t talk about issues such as addiction. It was just common place just pretend this evil, drug addiction, wasn’t happening.
During college I had tried mushrooms and cocaine but, weed was the drug I liked and needed. When I moved to El Paso, Texas is when my cocaine addiction began. Once again I didn’t think I was addicted. All I knew was my drug use and desire for drugs grew more and more. I would snort cocaine and thought I was going to die many times.
I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t stop using drugs. Using drugs, I would basically try anything that came my way. When I tried crack-cocaine, I lost all control of life. It was frightening the way it took over my whole self. I got to the point where I didn’t want to live anymore.
In my darkest hours when I had lost all hope is when an amazing thing happened. I saw the light of The Holy Spirit. At the time I didn’t know what I had witnessed, all I knew I was a different person. The Lord, Jesus the Christ, the king of kings doesn’t give up on us we turn our backs on him. He loves sinners and that is why he died for us, because we are all sinners.
It is my mission to bring hope to the hopeless. My hope is that we as a people start talking about important issues as bullying, drug addiction, sexual abuse and violence. We can’t pretend like these things are not happening no matter how hard it is to face reality. The thing is it’s not going away no matter how much we pretend it’s not happening. Please start talking about these issues and we can begin breaking barriers and helping those that need help, healing and love. If you have lost all hope as I did, I’m here to tell you that there is hope!

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